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When it comes to photography or journalism as a method you might first think about using a search engine and just type in what you’re looking for, or just grab a camera and get out there and snap. But as a photographer or journalist, you definitely have to dig deeper.

Everybody can snap a picture and so everybody can look something up on the internet. Your task as a professional photographer and journalist is to find the things that aren’t obvious.

Photography is a universal language, a must-have skill and powerful personal tool that can help us connect with the beautifully diverse and colourful world we live in and the magic we have within. My professional experience influences my syllabus, and it will teach participants of all backgrounds how to produce a beautiful picture, as well as how to make use of it.

My mentorship programme will help you enhance your skills and gain necessary ethical and professional knowledge to nurture and boost your experience and photographic goals, impact your audiences/viewers and foster progressive change in your career.

My supervisory programme is for anyone 16+ of age. It is a process which provides a safe, supportive opportunity for individuals to engage in critical reflection to raise issues, explore problems, and discover new ways of handling any situation throughout your formal educational program climbing into a successful and promising path of your career.

It is a crucial aspect of supervision that lies in its potential to educate.

While all reporters are journalists, not all journalists are reporters. Yes, many of us believe that journalism assumes reporting, but “reporter” means something different than “columnist” or “editorial writer.”

I will help you climb the ladder of an earlier understanding of your career to fearlessly invest your intellectual and timeline capacities and beat any competition ahead of you.

The journalist’s challenge to distinguish fact from fiction and achieve balance in reporting is never easy. A violent confrontation of armed groups pro or against the government armed forces makes the job immeasurably harder.

My mentorship programme provides practical advice on how to stay safe while getting closer to the heart of what is going on.

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