Mentorship Programme

I strongly believe that you have the potential, not only of success but also to fulfil your social mission and vision.
With over sixty students enrolled and accomplished their journey throughout my mentorship programmes from 2017, you’re welcome to join the first 20 students and enjoy the benefit of 10% discount on my Photography, Journalism and Conflict Reporting programmes for 2020/2021 academic year.

If you weren’t lucky enough to have someone who helped you along the way, then you know first-hand the value of mentoring. I will take a moment to help you reflect on your educational or career journey. I will be your inspirational teacher, your co-worker who will take you and show you the ropes of your educational and career path.

My programme delivers development for adults and students to get involved, succeed, and be excelled in their life of opportunities.

My Mentor or partnership programme is a movement from darkness to light. You have the opportunity to connect with my exclusive skills and knowledge. This is a programme for individuals (protégés) like you who need or want the same skills and advantages to move up in work, skill level, or school performance.

I will guide you to develop your skills, strategies and capability so I can enable you to tackle the next hurdle more effectively with or without my presence.

My mentorship programme is a great source of networking opportunities for students, young and Mid-Career adults.

As a mentor, I am a 10+ years experienced editorial photographer and journalist who is there to provide guidance and support in any number of ways and situations, including academic. Having this in mind, I’d like to share with you that many of the world’s most successful business and leaders credit mentors as key contributors to their success.

According to the National Mentoring Partnership (MENTOR), studies have proven the positive impact that mentoring has on students. This includes greater self-esteem and social-emotional development benefits – all critical for making the most of academic and career goals.

“Children need positive relationships with caring adults,” according to a study on the benefits of mentoring conducted by the Edna McConnell Clark Foundation. “Parents generally fill this central need, but many children benefit from relationships with other adults . . . Therefore, the mentoring of youth by adults is one of the more promising programs approaches intended to promote positive youth outcomes.”

“The world’s best teachers aren’t always found in the university’s or classrooms.” V Xhymshiti

As your mentor, I will be doing my part to ensure that you will have the tools and support you need to succeed.

Here are some of my Mentorship Programme ways I can help you as a mentor in the field of Editorial and Documentary Photography, Photojournalism and Journalism as well as reporting from the countries in the crisis of war:

  • Improve social skills: Throughout my one-to-one sessions, I will make you (young adults and students) a better leader by enabling you to relate to different kinds of people. Help you develop strong and confident communication skills so that you can handle any situation.
  • Bolster self-esteem: As a mentor, I will always be at my student’s corner. Be a champion. Believe in your personality. Recognize and celebrate your successes.
  • Provide career exploration: I will be your career counsellor, helping my students to brainstorm career possibilities, define career goals and establish action plans to reach professional goals. I will also be a great source of networking opportunities for you.
  • Support academic activities: Depending on the circumstance, you will find me serving as an important academic tutor during the school year.
  • Be a friend: Some students find it difficult to talk to their parents or friends about what’s on their mind. As a mentor, you can see me as a trusted confidant, helping you with your work through day-to-day struggles.
Words Have Power – v xhymshiti

This programme is a powerful development tool that will help you achieve your personal and professional goals. It will successfully help you improve the following skills and capabilities:

  • Improve communication and personal skills.
  • Develop leadership and management qualities.
  • Reinforce your own study skills and knowledge of your subject(s).
  • Increase your confidence and motivation.
  • Engage in a volunteering opportunity, valued by employers.

I will always support and encourage my mentees to manage their own learning so they can maximise their potential, develop their skills, improve their performance and become the person they want to be.

I will keep communications open with you. I will always offer feedback and support. The why, the how and when and where will always be the subject of our discussion and thriving conversations to develop an idea and subject, as well as your understanding of the craft. Together, we will define expectations, actively participate, maintain an ethical and professional level of contact and communication, which is a way to empower and keep you honest and get you to master the knowledge you aim for.

I expect you to be as follow:

  • Be upfront.
  • Remember that your mentor is there for you but is only a guide.
  • Review your goals.
  • Be polite and courteous.
  • Actively participate.
  • Be innovative and creative.
  • Get to know (yourself) and your Mentor.
  • Get productive and genuine interest in self-development.

I have taught classes as small as 12 students and larger classes exceeding 50 students at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. In addition, I have successfully mentored 10+ young aspiring photojournalists and journalists who have been assigned in various storytelling subjects from European newspapers to Pulitzer Centre on Crisis Report as well as wire services such as Reuters, EPA and AFP.

Below is a summary of my achievements and qualifications to show you my ability to assume your trust in my mentorship programme:

Putting on personal protective gear during a riot in Kosovo in March 2015. (Photo/Agron Beqiri)

I am a 10+ years experienced photojournalist, whose work has been published in American, European and Middle Eastern media, from The New York Times, Time to Le Monde and Paris Match of France, Der Spiegel and Stern magazines of Germany, The Guardian and Times of England to Vanity Fair and La Republica of Italy.

I covered significant social, political and cultural events from the Middle East to North Africa and Europe.

I have a BA in Journalism, MA in Political Science and another MA in Photojournalism and Documentary Photography. I studied from Kosovo to London, New York and Washington.

Through the course of my career, I have built strong classroom management and organisational skills and a thorough understanding of educational technology needed to facilitate my students’ learning experience.

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